We are delighted to announce…

The Wishing Will Foundation is extremely proud to partner with Citizens Advice Bracknell & District, an irreplaceable charity that provides advice, support and guidance to those in our community who might not otherwise have access to legal services. The Wishing Will Foundation first became aware of the fantastic work of Citizens Advice Bracknell through the involvement of one its Directors in pro-bono monthly advice sessions.

The Citizens Advice service advises over two million people across the UK each year. With a wealth of evidence there are able to establish the issues which affect people’s lives locally and support national campaigns to help raise awareness and lobby government and other regulatory bodies. The Wishing Will Foundation hope to help raise awareness about Bracknell Citizen’s Advice Bureau’s services as well as raising funds to ensure they can continue to provide these exceptional services.

“We fully support this wonderful idea. We see a lot of clients at Citizens Advice Bracknell who ask for advice about Wills, Probate and Powers of Attorney. Luckily for us, Jade holds a monthly pro-bono session for us at our offices and provides free legal advice and support to those clients who cannot afford to engage paid legal services. We currently advertise the Will Aid programme, but this only runs for one month a year and the slots get used up very quickly in our area and our clients are often left disappointed and without an appointment. It’s great that we can now offer the Wishing Will Foundation at our Bracknell Offices, which enables us to refer more vulnerable clients for advice and help, whilst also potentially raising money for our organisation.”
– Tracy Corbett, Operational Service Manager, Citizens Advice Bracknell (Registered Charity Number: 1065672)

By using the Wishing Will Scheme, you can help support the amazing work Citizens Advice Bracknell do in supporting those more vulnerable members of our community as well as making sure your own affairs are in order.

For more information about Citizens Advice Bracknell, or to support the work they do directly, click here

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Partnership - Citizens Advice Bracknell & District
We are delighted to announce… The Wishing Will […]
We are delighted to announce… The Wishing Will […]
We are delighted to announce… The Wishing Will […]