We are delighted to announce…

The Wishing Will Foundation is delighted to partner with Ella’s, an inspiring charity providing urgent care for women who have survived trafficking and exploitation. The Wishing Will Foundation first became aware of the work of Ella’s through one of our Director’s participation in a regular online group during lockdown, known as Women in Wills, who also support the charity.

Ella’s is passionate about ensuring women have all they need to recover from their experiences and build lives that are safe and free. To achieve this, they provide safe house accommodation, care to help women recover and the long-term support they need to rebuild their lives. Ella’s’ approach is intensive and tailored to the individual. Without this help, many women would fall back into danger.

Ella’s was founded in 2014 and opened its first safe house in 2016. Ella’s was part of an umbrella organisation for its first few years, and became an independent charity in 2020 (registered charity number 1187529). More than 60 women and 30 children have benefited from the work of Ella’s so far.

‘The need for what we do is vast and growing,’ says Co-Director Emily Chalke, who started Ella’s following her experiences working with a real survivor named Ella. ‘The women we work with have experienced the worst kinds of cruelty and abuse over sustained periods of time. The care we provide is crucial for them to recover and stay free.’

‘Partnerships and public donations are vital to our work. We’re so happy to be working with The Wishing Will Foundation to raise funds and awareness to help people affected by trafficking and exploitation. Every single legacy and act of support makes a difference. Thank you.’

The Wishing Will Foundation are proud to support Ella’s and the life-changing support and service they provide our community. For more information about Ella’s or to support the work they do directly, click here.

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We are delighted to announce… The Wishing Will […]
We are delighted to announce… The Wishing Will […]
We are delighted to announce… The Wishing Will […]