We are delighted to announce…

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The Wishing Will Foundation is extremely proud to partner with Christopher’s Smile, an incredible charity that independently raises funds for the noble task of making a difference for children with cancer. The Wishing Will Foundation first became aware of the fantastic work of Christopher’s Smile through their supporters, who spoke highly of the work they undertake as well as the truly admirable dedication of its founders.

Christopher’s Smile was set up more than 12 years ago by the parents of Christopher Capel who died aged 5 years from a brain tumour. The charity has worked tirelessly for more than 12 years to raise awareness and funds to help make a difference to the outcomes for children with cancer. The charity receives no local authority grants and all funds raised are entirely through the volunteer led charity events and activities along with support from companies, like The Wishing Will Foundation.

Christopher’s Smile provides funding for projects that will benefit the largest number of children possible across the childhood cancer community. They have awarded 6 project grants and raised over 1.5 million pounds in total to date; and we hope to help them raise much more!

“The challenge for small charities to become a known and trusted organisation to which people are happy to donate is much greater than for the larger charities. Organisations such as The Wishing
Will Foundation set up by Jade, Stephen and Duncan are important, not only in raising funds, but also awareness.”

– Karen and Kevin Capel, Founders and Trustees, Christopher’s Smile (Registered Charity Number: 1129906)

By using the Wishing Will Scheme, you can help support the amazing work this charity does in tackling the effects of childhood cancers as well as making sure your own affairs are in order.

For more information about Christopher’s Smile, or to support the work they do directly, click here

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We are delighted to announce… The Wishing Will […]
We are delighted to announce… The Wishing Will […]
We are delighted to announce… The Wishing Will […]