If you would like to join our panel of expert solicitors providing Wills through our Wishing Will Scheme, then you must meet the Standards listed below and complete our Declaration of Dedication to the Standards which must be filed with your application

Before the Directors will consider your application to join our panel you must first read, understand and agree to meet the following Scheme Standards:

  • At least one Director shall meet with the firm of solicitors wishing to join our panel “the Firm” to ensure it meets all the requirements herewith listed.
  • The Firm must have a qualified Solicitor specialising in Wills in their employment who is either an Associate member (or higher) of SFE or Associate member (or higher) of STEP. This Solicitor will be responsible for the Scheme at the Firm.
  • The Firm will donate their time, resources and expertise to the Scheme.
  • The Firm must be prepared to undertake emergency Wills.
  • The Firm must not require the Testator to name the Firm as an Executor in the Will, though if the Testator wishes to do so of their own free will then they may.
  • The Firm must not deduct any fees from the donations received or add any fees on top of the donations.
  • The Firm must prepare Wills to such a standard as the Directors may require from time to time and any Firms falling short of the said standards will not be permitted to continue working in partnership with the Scheme.
  • The Firm must perform all necessary Money Laundering requirements as are established and governed by the Solicitors Regulations Authority.
  • The Firm must have a complaints procedure which will be made immediately available to the Testator upon request.
  • The Firm must be prepared to make home/hospice/hospital/care-home-visits without additional costs to the Testator or the Scheme.
  • The Firm must have in place an effective case management system which clearly identifies Testators using the scheme and complies with all GDPR requirements.
  • The Firm must have in place appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • The Firm indemnifies The Wishing Will Foundation from any liability or costs whatsoever associated with any claims brought against The Wishing Will Foundation or against the Firm relating to the preparation of any and all Wills made by them under the Scheme and/or relating to any other matter.
  • The Firm must keep a complete copy of the file relating to the preparation of all Wills either in paper or electronic form indefinitely.
  • The Firm must not charge to store the original Will.
  • The Firm must not receive a financial benefit from the Scheme. The term ‘financial benefit’ shall be decided by the Directors in their absolute discretion.
  • The Firm may, only with written approval from the Directors, promote other services (such as Lasting Powers of Attorneys) to those participating in the Scheme provided that such promotion is clearly identified as independent of the Scheme.
  • Any persons at the Firm involved in the Scheme must sign a Declaration of Dedication to the Scheme’s standards. This must be renewed annually and failure to do so may result in that person being removed from the Scheme without notice.
  • The Firm must accept that from time to time the Directors may amend the standards of the Scheme and the Firm may be asked to renew its Declaration of Dedication to those Standards. Failure to do so may result in the Firm being removed from the Scheme without notice.

The Firm are encouraged to circulate any promotional materials or resources that the Scheme provide.