To apply to join our panel of partnered solicitors, you must first meet our Solicitor Standards . If you meet our standards and want to take part in the Scheme, simply  contact us and include the following information:

  • Your firm name, address and company SRA number
  • The name of the Solicitor who will take responsibility of the Scheme at your firm together with their SRA number
  • The STEP or SFE member number of the Solicitor with responsibility of the Scheme at your firm
  • Whether there is any limit on the number of Wills you are prepared to undertake each month
  • A copy of your Professional Indemnity Insurance.

An appropriate member of your firm will also need to sign a Declaration of Dedication to the Scheme’s standards, which will be sent to you upon your application.

The Directors will contact you if they would like any further information about your firm before considering your application. They may wish to meet with you and/or visit your firm. They will come back to you as soon as possible with a decision about your application.

Please note: whilst the Scheme is currently local to the Thames Valley, we hope to launch in other areas across the country. So, if you are not local to the Thames Valley area but otherwise meet the criteria to join our partnered solicitor panel, please feel free to get in touch and the Directors will consider establishing a division in your area in due course.